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    Microsoft 365 Software Plans
    Microsoft 365 software plans have reduced pricing for non-profits, including churches. That can help frugal organizations shift to a more predictable subscription model for their Windows-based work environments. Regular software updates that keep Windows and Office in sync for small organization computers are normally easier to handle than jarring full version updates. Keeping organization computers as similar as possible also helps productivity.

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    DNS and IPv6 are Conceptual Antiques Based on Stuck Thinking

    IPv6 is so verbose, and DNS overhead so significant that human-readable addressing for the Internet would have been better by now, leaving nothing to hijack or spoof because the name hierarchy would be the actual Internet address for connected devices.

    Crooks would have to hijack Internet traffic routing, which is far more difficult than DNS attacks. Phishing attacks sent through email and every form of illegitimate Internet-connected system would be far more difficult to hide.

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    Private 5G and LTE Wireless Networks
    For large industrial facilities and institutional campuses, 5G would provide more stable communications than WiFi & LTE, with more capacity. Wireless that's reliable enough to replace Ethernet in factory settings has been elusive due to signal interference from industrial equipment and metal structures. Reliable wireless communications are also desirable to reduce installation costs and minimize industrial network complexity over time.

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