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    Desktop Virtualization - A Better Way to Upgrade

    Breath new life into expensive custom enterprise software and an aging fleet of computer systems with a streamlined desktop virtualization solution. Dramatically improve security and reliability at the same time. 

    "Citrix and Nutanix jointly deliver solutions for desktop and application virtualization across multiple industries and organizations with tens to tens of thousands of end users. Nutanix is certified Citrix Ready for Citrix XenApp®, Citrix XenDesktop®, Citrix NetScaler and more. Nutanix enterprise clouds deliver predictable user experience, linear scalability and lower TCO for Citrix workloads."

    Intelligent Design AND Adequate Capacity

    Intelligence, including application-specific Quality-of-Service controls, greatly impacts the efficacy data storage systems. But always remember that the best resource management is no substitute for adequate capacity. 

    The example shows how ample capacity is not enough to provide a stable data storage solution when there are no controls on badly-behaved software. It simply hogs the shared resource and disrupts all of the other software applications. 

    Data networks, like the Internet, are similar. Without any priorities or constraints, resource hogs can be very disruptive. 


    Security and Privacy for Mobile and Remote Staff

    Security and privacy for your mobile and remote staff requires careful planning. Besides encrypted communications, it's also best to configure their remote access equipment to use Internet resources not subject to logging or snooping by their access providers. 

    For example, DNS, the function used in the internet to locate resources, is one way that third parties look for points of entry into your critical business IT infrastructure. You can reduce that risk when you configure the equipment assigned to your mobile workers to use an anonymous public DNS service, like the one provided by Verisign. Then they don't end up accidentally using the DNS provided by the hotel, restaurant, airport, or worse, a hacker's fake wireless access point that's pretending to be one of those. 

    Verisign also has one of the easiest IPv4 DNS addresses to remember:

    For complete details:


    Cisco Systems' take on the IT infrastructure developed by Google, Facebook, and Nutanix...

    "Get complete hyperconvergence end to end"

    In other words, replace those clunky stand-alone servers, and even your data storage appliances, with a computing architecture which more closely resembles the systems used by Google and Facebook to create massive, ultra-reliable data centers. 

    "Extend the benefits of distributed storage technology to more applications and use cases. Cisco HyperFlex HX-Series combine compute, storage, and networking into an easy-to-use system that brings new levels of speed and efficiency to IT. Use our HyperFlex technology to unlock the full potential of hyperconverged infrastructure today."

    Translation:  Simplify everything using the power of newer and better software. Redirect IT labor from maintenance to security, cut equipment costs, and improve reliability.


    Hyperconvergence marketing is fine, but careful analysis is required to ensure that this approach can truly help your own situation in a cost-effective way. 

    Why install other lame WiFi access points when... "Xirrus Wave 2 Solutions Have The Most Bandwidth On The Planet"

    Why install other lame WiFi access points when... "Xirrus Wave 2 Solutions Have The Most Bandwidth On The Planet"

    XR-4836-WAVE2 -- 28 Gbps

    - From 2 – 8 times the number of Wave 2 radios per AP

    - Seamless migration to Wave 2 by supporting both older devices and new technology

    - Future-proof architecture offers software-defined radios that enable one-click upgrades to 100% Wave 2 migration

    - Option of on-premise or cloud-based network management with zero-touch provisioning

    - Integrated application control ensures reliable Wi-Fi performance

    - Distributed intelligence with integrated controller for no single point of failure